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Wayback Wednesday: Can an Alien be too Real?

Last weekend I did something I don’t do very often.  I actually went to the movies.  Older DVD’s are usually the genesis of my posts, so you’ll have to excuse me if this week’s post doesn’t follow the usual “Wayback Wednesday” M.O.  I promise to return to the regularly scheduled programming next week.  But this week, I went to the movies to see “Paul”.  I’ve been a fan of Simon Pegg for a while, and the trailer really got me excited.  So with a free weekend for a change, it was off to the multiplex I went.  There are plenty of places you can look if you want a review of the movie.  You will not find it here.  I will say that I enjoyed it, but that’s all.  My interest is the technology that brings the character of Paul to life and its widening effect on my enjoyment of movies.

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The Trouble With Oscar

As I’ve tried to pry my mind and eyes away from the flaming train wreck that is Charlie Sheen over the last week, I commonly settle on something Oscar.  This time of year it is very difficult to read a website, or flip on a television show and not be slammed with Oscar This and Oscar That.  For those of us that enjoy movies and the whole process that goes into making them, Oscar time is a great time of year.  But over the last several years as my movie going has migrated out of the theater and into my home theater, I often find myself at a loss come Oscar time.  I contribute my lack of direction to the fact that at this writing, I have seen a grand total of just one best picture nominee.  Now I can almost hear the eye rolling going on out there in cyberspace right now.  “How dare I complain about the Oscar’s when I don’t even make an effort to see the movies”  Well I get it, and it is certainly a valid argument to be raised.  I should make more of an effort, but don’t you think the movie industry should meet me half way. Read more of this post