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Summer Movie Guide – April 2011

At least for me, the summer movie season begins this weekend with the latest installment of The Fast and The Furious Franchise, “Fast Five”.  This is shaping up to be one of the best summers in a while for blockbuster releases. There is some quality material coming up and not just simply popcorn material.

I’ve only included April in this mix based on this one film coming out this week. “Fast Five” proves to be an action-packed romp. Contrary to my previous statement, this movie will likely only be a visual romp and its plot will probably not challenge you intellectually.

Reuniting almost everyone from its previous installments, Fast Five is a rare fivequel(?) that can get back the original cast. I’m not even so sure that The Land Before Time had the same voice actors throughout its oeuvre. On top of the return of Diesel, Walker and Brewster, it will also add Dwayne Johnson, a staple of bad-ass action movies.

Don’t expect much out of this movie other than greasy fingers from your popcorn and an occasional theater seizure from the over two hours of fast cars and faster women. But it should be fun.


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